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Important please read: 

Our Terms and Conditions 

1) The contract is for the hire or purchase of decorations or equipment required for your event.

The parties to the contract are;

i. The hirer, as an individual or an organisation whose official representative will be the signatory of the contract.

ii. The Company will be Unique Designs by Tina a sole trader business owned by Tina Hinchliffe and trading from 8 Grace Parade, Grace Road West, Marsh Barton, Exeter, Devon, EX2 8PU.

2) All hired decorations and equipment remains the property of the company at all times.

3) Purchased items remain the property to the company until full payment is received.

4) Agreed hire rates will be maintained for the length on the contract unless agreed in writing by the company.

5) The hirer or hirer's agent is responsible for any loss or damage to goods including any packaging supplied until returned to, or collected by the company.

6) It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that the decorations whilst on hire are fully covered by his/her own insurance, with regards to loss theft, damage and public liability risks, etc.

7) The Hirer undertakes to ensure that no-one uses any equipment or decorations hired, in a way other than that for which it is intended. Decorative items are not to be removed from the location which they are delivered to/ or collected for, unless by prior agreement. Decorative items should not be altered in any way from their original form. Any temporary alteration which leaves the hired item damaged or unfit for future use will be charged for.

8) Delivery to third parties or unoccupied premises are made entirely at hirer's risk.

Hire charges will be for the periods of;
1) The normal length of tiMe required for a wedding/party celebration as a single event (typically 24 Hours).
2) Long term hire is available, please contact the company for more information.
3) The hirer may not extend the hire period without prior written permission; this extended hire will incur extra charges.
1) All prices are inclusive of VAT.
2) A 40% non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.
3) Payment can be made by cheque, cash or online BACS payment.
4) Booking deposits are 40% of the total hire charge and are non refundable.
5) Card details may be held for the duration of the hire, in a secure and/ or encrypted manner.
7) All outstanding payments, including VAT, will be payable on demand.
1) A refundable damage deposit will be taken by cash or bank transfer into the company bank account before hiring commences.
2) Damage deposits are based on the value of the order;
i. Glassware and breakables will carry a higher % deposit.
ii. Chair covers, sashes and some other items which will now be referred to as linen, may carry a lower % of deposit.
3) Deposits will be security on equipment hired. This will be used to cover the cost of any missing/damaged items. If the deposit is insufficient to cover this cost a further invoice will be raised to meet the shortfall. This invoice will be payable upon receipt.
4) This deposit will be refunded less the replacement cost of missing/damaged items, to your nominated bank account or by returned cash after the decorations and equipment have been checked by authorised staff at the Company premises. Substituted items will not be accepted.
5) In addition to the damage deposit, a charge will be made where excessive time is added to the collection of items or where collection times have not been adhered to the hirer.
6) Linen (chair covers and sashes and table runners, napkins, table cloths and overlays) will be checked upon return by an authorised staff member at the Company premises. Replacement cost of missing sashes or extra laundry charges due to stains will be deducted from the deposit before being refunded. If the deposit is insufficient to cover the cost a further invoice will be raised to meet the shortfall. This invoice will be payable upon receipt.
7) Missing Brooches and flowers added to the chairs for decoration will be charged for at full replacement value.
8) The full balance for the hire will be required at least 4 weeks prior to delivery.
9) Any cancellations must be made in writing.
10) Cancellations within the 4 week prior to the hire date will be charged in full and will not be eligible for any refund.
1) Charges may be incurred for the delivery and collection depending on the location and distance.
2) Extra charges may be incurred for out of hours and weekend deliveries and collections.
3) Adequate delivery and collection access must be provided by the hirer.
4) Vehicular access to Marquees/service tents, must be adequately provided for, particularly in wet weather.
5) Large items, in particular arches, trees, flower walls, wall draping and columns require a firm and level surface. Please check your site situation when ordering and advise us accordingly.
6) The hirer is responsible for checking goods upon delivery and shall notify the company immediately of any discrepancies or damage. Complaints made after the return of goods will not be considered.
7) Failed delivery attempts may incur additional delivery charges.
8) Orders or part orders not ready for collection at the agreed time may incur extra hire and collection charges.
9) We will endeavour to collect equipment at times requested by the hirer, however we cannot guarantee collection at specified times during busy periods. It is the responsibility of the hirer to keep equipment dry and secure until collection is made.
10) Special requests such as moving large items on the day at your wedding or event, should be discussed at the time of ordering and an additional charge may be incurred over the standard setting up  and dressing costs, which will have been included in the original costings.
1) Any hire items that are damaged, broken or lost will be charged at the current replacement value. This includes transportation crates, boxes and  laundry bags which have been left onsite for your, or the venues convenience.
2) Lost items subsequently found and returned to the company will be credited accordingly, however a further hire, and collection charge may apply.
3) Where the deposit is not sufficient to cover replacement cost, the hirer is liable for the balance.
4) Replacement costs and charges of missing/ damaged items will be deducted from the relevant deposits.
1) Linen is delivered clean and ironed, where applicable, and will be dressed on the chairs which the hirer has provided. The company is not responsible for moving , stacking or positioning of the chairs to be dressed.
2) When the hirer has finished with the linen DO NOT PACK AWAY DAMP OR HEAVILY SOILED ITEMS ! Please leave on the tables or chairs until the  company collects them, or where by prior agreement, the venue has agreed to undress the chairs at the end of the event and before the agreed collection time. Packing away soiled, damp laundry accelerates the growth of mould and mildew which is IMPOSSIBLE to remove. If any laundry is returned with mould growth, is burnt, or permanently stained (pen, strong curry, highlighter pen, candle wax for example) the Company will charge full replacement cost. This will be deducted from the linen deposit, taken prior to the hire. If the deposit is in sufficient to cover the cost a further invoice will be raised to meet the shortfall. This invoice will be payable upon receipt
3) If any drinks are spilt on the linen including red wine please just leave the cloths on the tables or chairs and allow to dry, these stains should come out when laundered.
4) All sequin materials should be treated with additional care, any obvious damage caused to sequin items will be charged at the full cost of replacement.
1) The hirer will be responsible for the goods belonging to the company from the moment the hirer or their representative signs for and accepts delivery of the goods or when goods are delivered to site as arranged when order is placed.
2) All products will be delivered clean and securely packaged.
3) All items must be returned in the original boxes or transportation equipment they were supplied in. Any items missing, broken, or not available on collection will be charged at full replacement cost. A period of 7 days will be available for hirer to return missing items and receive full credit. It is the hirer's responsibility to return missing items.
4) The Company will only accept goods provided to the hirer and specified on the collection note. Any goods returned which do not belong to the company will be notified to the hirer. It is the responsibility of the hirer to collect incorrect goods returned.
5) The hirer accepts full responsibility for the security and safe use of the equipment until collection by, or return to, the Company.
6) The hirer agrees to insure all equipment on a full replacement basis against loss, damage and theft. All insurance claim proceeds are to be paid to the Company on demand in writing.


1) Wall draping is a purely decorative effect and should not be used as a structural item.
2) Wall drapes will be steamed to remove creases and whilst we endeavour to remove all creases, occasionally this is not possible.
3) Draping will be visually checked for it's appearance before staff leave the site.
4) Where backdrop lights are hired, these will be checked to ensure they are working before leaving site, hirers should ensure that they or the venue understand how they operate.
5) Stains and dirt will incur a laundry charge. This will be deducted from the Linen Deposit, taken prior to the Hire. If the deposit is insufficient to cover this cost, a further invoice will be raised to meet the shortfall. This invoice will be payable upon receipt.
6) Ceiling decoration will only be carried out with the full consent of the venue at the time of ordering. The hirer is responsible to gain permission for allowing fixings to be used or new fixings put in place. If any alterations to available fixings, as agreed at the time of ordering is made, which means we are unable to decorate the venue and the Company is not made aware of this prior to the hiring date, we are not obliged to carry out the installation of the decorations having already arrived at site. 
7) Strings, wires and cables which we have installed are meant solely to support the items which are owned by the Company. If any third party items are added to them or supported from them, causing their failure, the Company is not liable for any damage which this may cause to our or the third parties items.
8) Paper lanterns, once in place are not to be removed or tampered with.
9) Where remote controls are supplied for use on lighting, the remote control should be left for collection on site.
Missing or damaged remote controls will be charged for. This will be deducted from the Deposit taken prior to the Hire. If the deposit is insufficient to cover this cost a further invoice will be raised to meet the shortfall. The invoice will be payable upon receipt.


1) The Company will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, accident or damage caused by the use of hire equipment or decorations.
The Company will, under no circumstance, be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or extra costs incurred caused by it's negligence or other default in the performance of it's duties.
2) We will try to supply your specific requirements but if we have a problem with any item we will call you to discuss our concerns and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

1) Please note that payment of your deposit will act as your agreement to the Terms and Conditions as set out above.
2) We would recommend that you have read and understood these Terms prior to placing your order, as the deposit is strictly non refundable.
3) We would invite you to sign the Contract form and return it to us before placing your order. You can also let us know in writing that you accept our Terms and Conditions.


1) We will only gather information relevant to our transaction with you.
2) We will not pass this information on to any third party without your prior consent.
3) Stored data will be kept securely electronically, using Firewall and password technology and locked in our premises when in paper format.
4) Once our transactions have finished with you, we will only store the necessary data which fulfils our financial obligations as requested by HMRC.
We have never sold on any private information in the past and will not do so in the future.
It has always been our aim to keep our systems free of unnecessary information and this will continue into the future.